Submission Guidelines

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Aims and scope

Journal of Materials and Environmental Sustainability Research (JMESR; ISSN: 2811-1338) is an international journal that publishes high quality and multidisciplinary research and reviews in the field of materials and environmental sustainability. Topics considered include, but not limited to: monitoring and remediation of contaminated sites; life-cycle assessment; waste valorization and resource recovery; water treatment technologies for low economy countries/communities; multifunctional materials for energy and environmental applications; catalysis for environmental and energy applications; nanomaterials for environmental and energy applications; climate change mitigation technologies; amongst others. Manuscripts should be essentially biased to address sustainability issues. Manuscripts addressing general concepts in materials and environmental sciences/engineering will be rejected.

Types of submissions

Communication, full length original research papers, editorials (by invitations only), Policy Highlights/Briefs (short communication from government or industry experts), and reviews. Authors who desire to submit reviews are encouraged to contact the Editor-in-Chief first via email ( and copy the editorial office ( Short communications and Policy Highlights should be limited to a maximum of 4 pages, including references. Original research papers should not exceed 8,000 words, while reviews should be limited to 10,000 words.

Manuscript preparation

There is no discrimination on the type of English adopted, but there should be consistency. Authors are encouraged to use SI unit system and be consistent throughout the texts. Trade names of chemicals should be accompanied with their IUPAC nomenclature (at least at first mention). At present, only MS Word files (.doc or .docx) are acceptable. Authors should ensure that mathematical equations and formulas are editable.

Manuscript outline

Authors are free to adopt suitable outlines for reviews and Policy Highlights. Sections should not be numbered. Main sections should be in bold font while sub-sections should be in italics. For original research papers, the following main sections should be included:

Author credit

Authors are encouraged to provide a short description of the contributions by all authors. Please refer to the CRediT taxonomy for details. Read more about author credit here:

Conflict of interests’ statement

Authors must declare personal, financial relationships, circumstances or interests that may be perceived to affect the representation or interpretation findings presented.


Contributors and funding organizations should be acknowledged.

Publication Charges

As JMESR is an open access journal, all accepted manuscripts are subject to an article processing charge of 100 USD.

Peer Review Policy

JMESR adopts a single-blind peer review process. Authors are encouraged to suggest at least 5 reviewers in the cover letter during submission. All suitable research papers are subjected to sufficient number of expert reviews. Before manuscripts are sent out to reviewers, Editors have the responsibility to check for suitability of such papers for publication in JMESR. At the discretion of the Editors, unsuitable manuscripts may be desk-rejected without peer-review. Please note that JMESR aspires to be among the best journals in the field and this requires rigorous peer-review process.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism detection software applications may be used to screen submissions. If plagiarism is detected, the journal may reject such submissions without peer-review.